All position tyre. Fuel efficiency, High mileage and wet grip performance

Fuel efficiency
• Very low rolling resistance performance from MICHELIN ENERGY technology applied to casing 
• At least 3% fuel cost reduction at nominal conditions vs. standard radial tyres

High mileage performance 
• Specific rubber for long distance and regional conditions

High safety thanks to high longitudinal and transversal wet grip performance 
• Long lasting grip throughtout entire tyre life and under polyvalent usage, all year long and in all seasons
• Double Wave sipe technology for excellent wet grip, long life and uneven wear resistance performance

Please download XJE 4 MIX ENERGY tyre leaflet below:

Size & Details Position Application
205/85 R 16 XJE4 MIX ENERGY TL 117/115L MI all Light Trucks
225/80 R 17.5 XJE4 MIX ENERGY TL 123/122L MI all Long Haul