Extended mileage, firm grip and high safety

Extended Mileage
• Mileage potential increased by up to 30 % on rear tyres and 15 % on front tyres(1)

Firm grip and high safety
• Braking distances reduced by up to 25 % (2)
• Grip, traction and handling improved in all weather conditions over the entire lifespan of the tyre

(1) Internal Michelin study. Comparison of MICHELIN X® MultiWay™ 3D XZE and XDE tyres with MICHELIN XZE2+ and XDE2+. From 10 % to 30 % increased mileage depending on the tyre size.
(2) Internal Michelin study. Vehicle fitted with MICHELIN X® MultiWay™ 3D XZE/ XDE, two thirds worn compared with similarly worn XZE2+/XDE2+, for emergency braking (40Km/h to 0 Km/h) on a wet, smooth concrete surface

Size & Details Position Application
315/80 R 22.5 X MULTIWAY 3D XDE TL 156/150L MI drive Regional / Long Haul / Urban